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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Daily Routine Makeover - Morning Edition: Morning Tactics and Strategies To Get More Energized, Productive and Healthy All Day

Do you often feel unmotivated? 

Wake up with a feeling of anxiety that you should do many things but you lack of direction where to begin so you end up doing nothing? 

Do you feel that you do self-sabotage after you wake up by doing nothing productive and waste your day? 

If you respect only three tips of this book, I guarantee that your first wake up hours can become the best and most motivating part of your day!

Daily Routine Makeover –Morning Edition teaches you every method how to be productive and energetic when your day starts. 

This is an actionable book without any fake it ‘til you make it, brush your teeth or wake up at 5 am advice. 

It is a comprehensive psychology, biology and motivational manual that lets you know why are you an early bird or night owl, gives you the best practices how to bring out the most of them without overwhelming you with too many new habits. 

Daily Routine Makeover – Morning Edition has lots of real-life stories and examples, proven techniques of high-performers, and physiological explanations backed up by countless research studies, all of which will help you change your a mindset about the power of the first hours after waking up (be it 5 am or 11 am) with concrete and simple techniques. 

The 5 am magic doesn'’t apply to all of us and it'’s borderline terrible advice for most. 

During my endless months of nocturnal working, I developed special practices that don't require an early day start to boost your productivity and energy level to the sky. 

By consequently following these 3 simple steps I could leave my night-shift job, finish University and start to be a full-time writer. 

How will you become a productivity machine?

•Learn the 3 simple exercise I did to boost my spirits and productivity.•

Get familiar with 10 practices recommended by world leaders, high achievers, and top class artists. •

Understand why does your body function the way it does on a biological level.•

Learn to diminish the harm your body gets by nighttime, shift work or even jet lag.

And further ways to bring out the most of your day.

•The right way to use caffeine as a wake-up booster.•

How to eat nutritious food and lose weight.•

Simple steps to detect when you are the most productive during the day.•

Advice from a world class dietitian how to combine food to keep you energized all day – starting in the morning. 

Find out which of the 3+15 after wake-up habits could make the difference in your life.

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