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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Three Ways To Live - The Short View, The Long View And A Better Way

Is there a better way?
Goals are important. Action is necessary. Planning is helpful. Confidence is vital. Hope is critical. Self-improvement is compulsory. Belief is essential. But in the end there are only three ways to live - the short view, the long view or a combination of both. Let me explain.
The short view - Life happens now. Memories were created yesterday. The future happens tomorrow. When we take the short view and live life according to this approach we often fail to take into consideration the future consequences of decisions made and actions taken. Yes, we live in the present moment and this is a good thing, but failing to understand the relationship between now and tomorrow and yesterday can have its negatives like; regret, disappointment, frustration and even stress.
Today is all we know we have and failing to live today to the fullest means we essentially waste life. When we spend our now moments filled with worry, fear, uncertainty and anxiety we set ourselves up for more of the same. When we live today with hope, faith, courage and confidence we create potential better tomorrow's and yesterdays but either way we can avoid some of the negative impact on the future and the past.
If you had a simple choice to live in the now, wonder about the future or go back to yesterday and the good old days which would you choose? The past can't be changed and the future is totally unknown no matter how we spend our now moments but the chances of a better tomorrow increase when you bring control over your emotions and actions today.
The long view - The long view is all about planning, hoping, preparing and even wishing but in the end how we spent our past will have an impact on the longer view. Focusing only on tomorrow, next week or even next year steals from your present and again, we have literally no control over what will or may happen tomorrow. Yes, plans are good, goals are helpful and preparation is important but let me ask you - have you met all of your goals, have all your plans worked out as you anticipated - has your past preparation turned out to be unnecessary or even a waste of time given how things happened?
It is vital to live with hope and positive desires for the future. Faith in the good of the unknown is important but in the end, "We make our plans, but God determines our steps".
So keep on planning, keep working towards your goals, but never forget that we can only control what we can control and in the end that is very little when it comes to living.
A combination - Living with both the long and short view as your life approach. Life happens - every day - things we want and hope for and often things we don't want or didn't see coming. When you live with both the short and long term view you embrace the best of today, take what crosses your path with poise and acceptance knowing that that is all you can do and just keep keeping on towards your goals, plans and dreams.
I can't tell you how many times life has thrown me an unexpected curve in every area of life - finances, health, relationships and my career, but as the days and years pass I have learned that all I can do is do the best I can with today's circumstances and just keep plodding and yes sometimes even flying into tomorrow.
The answer - Let me repeat - you can't relive the past changing what is - is now history. You have minor control over what will happen in the future so what's left?
Plan, set goals, have dreams, prepare, work hard and hope but at the end of the day - well I'll share one of my motto's with you - If it happens and it's something I want - I will be excited and filled with gratitude and say thank you. If it doesn't I will not be disappointed and yes, say thank you again.

Author:  Tim Connor  Global speaker and trainer (23 countries and 4000 presentations) on a variety of sales, leadership, motivation, management and business and personal relationships and best selling author of over 80 books.   http://www.timconnor.com 

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