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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Goldilocks "Just Right" Adventures

How did Goldilocks find the three bears' cottage without a GPS? 

I believe her inner GPS—her heart's desires—led her there in three easy steps.  

She knew what she wanted. She encountered what she didn't want, but used that feedback to gain clarity. And then she attracted her desired results. 

I'm going to share how I learned to manifest a life that is "just right" in so many ways. And I did it with simple shifts in my thinking that anyone can learn.

Six years ago, my husband passed away after a long illness. When his cancer was diagnosed three years before that, we sold our award-winning construction company.  In the course of over twenty years, we'd created custom swimming pools, ponds, and waterfalls for A-list clients like Brad Pitt, Will Smith, James Coburn, Aaron Spelling, John Stamos, and more.

While my husband Bill's health declined, so did the housing and stock markets. My financial safety net collapsed.  After Bill died, I embarked on my long-held dream of being a full-time writer, but success eluded me.  I fell prey to my mindset that Bill was the one who knew how to make money—not me!  I had never even closed a sale. How would I support myself in my dream life?

I knew that if I didn't change something fast, results would spiral downward, so, about five years ago, I began studying with great teachers in personal development. I became a certified coach, so I could share the process of transformation with others.

A year ago, I decided to sell our big house. My husband was gone. Our daughter was engaged and living in New York City. I knew that I had a choice: feel upset at leaving after fifteen years in a wonderful view home, or manifest a fabulous new adventure as a single woman in her golden years.

I began picturing my ideal daily life. How would I feel waking up, walking my Golden retriever Sugar Bear, writing, coaching clients virtually, stargazing, socializing? Images in my mind led me to a 1953 ranch house that most people would've scorned for being too rustic. Yet I've enjoyed a magical, creative year here, writing four books, starting three more, and launching a new venture as a toymaker.

Now it's time to move on. My writer's retreat will soon make way for a house befitting its multi-million dollar neighbors. I must bid farewell to four-legged friends I visit daily: horses who trot to greet me, and Danny the alpaca who has a sweet tooth for grapes.

To get ready for my next phase, I began visualizing  another "just right" home. I looked at rentals online, and some in person. They were too hot or too cold! I held to my vision and expectations that what I desired was already mine. And we found each other. Further, since our heavenly Creator loves to surprise and delight us when we align with a beautiful life, the garden features my favorites: roses, jasmine, lavender, and a lime tree. Neighbors have dogs; Sugar Bear is welcome. The piano teacher next door feared a new tenant would complain about classical music—I invited her to drop in and inspire me to play my own piano again.

"Just right" adventures don't happen by chance. But we can learn how to deliberately entice them into our lives. What are your thoughts attracting? Is it something you'll love when it lands at your doorstep? Or will you try to fling it away and declare, "I never ordered that cold porridge!"

I used to think my circumstances were a matter of luck. Today I understand we can have 100% control over our thoughts, and choose the results we want to experience and enjoy. Life can and should be a fun and delightful "just right" adventure in creativity, joy and expansion. 

Evelyn Brooks

Evelyn Roberts Brooks is a bestselling author, speaker, success coach, and toymaker. She's offering an exclusive gift for Insight of the Day readers. Use code INSIGHT to get 50% off all e-courses and products in her online store through August 15, 2014. To visit Evelyn's store and claim your bonus gifts, go to: http://evelynbrooks.com/store 

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