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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Can I Do It All?

We tend to want to do a lot. Those of us who are overachievers, go getters and want more out of life tend to get into too many things and we lose focus. Those of us who want to do it all will soon be disappointed because we can't but that doesn't take away the feeling we have and the desire to do it all.
There are many things we can think about and do when that feeling of wanting to do it all overwhelms us. There are many things we can do that are good and some that are bad so we have to be sure we know what to do when we get the feeling we want to do it all. Here are a few things to do:
It takes focus. Focus seems to be the topic that comes up a lot lately. If we want to do anything well, we need to focus. However, for those of us who want to do it all, we can't really focus on all of it, can we? No. So what do we do? How do we focus on just that one thing that needs to be done right now?
It takes power of our mind, our thoughts and attitudes to be able to focus on just one thing. It takes strength to put aside those outside issues that keep coming up so we can do that one thing. However, it is attainable when we practice. When we practice, we become stronger.
It takes motivation. To stick with anything, we need motivation. Focus and power is good but motivation keeps us going. Our "why" motivates us. Our reason for doing what we are supposed to be focusing on is what should motivate us to continue on.
How can we do it all? We can't but focus, power and motivation will help us to do one thing well. Doing it all is not a realistic dream. Focus is. Focusing on what we do well, gaining knowledge on that one thing and finding others we can help by doing that one thing will give us a good feeling of knowing we have accomplished something. It will also take away the desire to do too many other things because we know that one thing we are doing is going to make a difference.
What is your one thing you have been called to do?
How can you stop desiring to do it all and stop being distracted by those who want to pull you into their world?
What are three things you can do today to begin to focus, to change your thinking and stay motivated to work on that one thing today?
"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days." Zig Ziglar


Frances Lucas has lived in Birmingham, Alabama for 40 years. She is a working mother with three children and has progressively improved her life through mistakes, persistence and a sense of humor. Her passion in life surfaced after a major setback in life which proves good things can come from bad experiences. Frances coaches in career and personal improvement, facilitates self-improvement classes and writes articles.

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