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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Make A Decision For Your Life And the Rest Will Fall Into Place

We may be afraid of making a decision because we are afraid of what we may have to give up, what we may have to actually do to back up that decision. We are in that conundrum because we are still operating from the win/lose model. That is the model that says you are either wrong or right you have to lose something in order to gain something else. Granted to step into our authentic life we will have to be ready to leave our old life behind, but not because our old life was wrong. We may have gained all we needed to gain and now it is time to move in another direction. A direction that will bring about an abundance of blessings, growth and a larger than life kind of life.
Making a decision that is pertinent to our life does not have to be such a huge production. There really is no win/lose in life. It is all win/win. Each direction that our path takes us is loaded with blessings, abundance and a magnificent life. Sometimes we may have walked another path instead of the one we really wanted and we then think that our life missed out on something because we did not live the life we wanted. That is another block that we place on our life and ourselves. That life we may have missed out on is not really a loss, but because we are looking so longing on a life we thought we should have had, we miss out on the life that we are actually living. So, of course, we are going to feel regret, we are going to blame ourselves and we are going to feel that we made a mistake. We are going to feel that our life could have been something bigger, better and more fabulous. That attitude will only serve to make us fall into depression and make us feel jaded with life. It is time to stop lamenting our decisions and to stop having regret over some life that we felt we should have been living.
"Play the game with the cards you have been dealt" or in other words, be thankful for the life you have been given and live your life with the life you have been given. We are given this life because we can handle it. Maybe the path that you did not get to travel was not the right path for you so life placed another path in front of you. Be thankful. The time we spend regretting a decision or the time we spend avoiding making a decision is time that we can use to motivate and uplift others. There are so many things we can do with the life that we are blessed to have been given. If we were to look back in our life our decisions have actually worked out, may be not in the way we thought it would, but overall those decisions worked out.
Make a decision for your life and the rest will fall into place. Sometimes our path is so dark that we can only see the next footstep we can take. We have got to walk in faith. We need to feel the fear and do it anyway. Take one-step at a time and soon the way will be made clear for you. Making a decision often, means that we need to leave our comfort zone and that in itself can be quite scary. We may not be happy where we are but we have gotten so comfortable in the uncomfortable-ness that we find it hard to make a step forward. No one can predict the future, however, if we fail to make the decisions that can take our life from zero to abundant living then our future will predict itself for us. Remember, no one outside of us can make the decisions that are important to our life. If we allow others to make those decisions for us we will end up where they are going and where they are going is not where our life is suppose to be. Not to mention, if we allow others to make a decision for us or to tell us what to do we may end up resenting them and ourselves when that decision does not work out or make us happy.
When we make a decision for ourselves, we take away that responsibility from others. We are the leader of our life and sometimes we have to make an executive decision regarding where we desire our life to be. The quicker we make a decision the quicker the rest of our life will be able to fall into place. We have to be willing to take a flying leap of a cliff and trust that we will grow wings to help us land safely. Yes, there are times when we need to step out on faith. This is where we need to quiet our Mind and start listening to our Heart and our Soul.
Our Heart and Soul will never steer us wrong. Deep inside of us we have all the answers to our life, but we may have been programmed to listen to everyone else except ourselves. The truth is, no one outside of us knows what it is right for us. However, for us to hear the messages of our inner self we need to shut out the outside noise and take it back to ourselves. When we take the time to listen to our inner self we will then never have to regret our decisions, because we will be able to make the decisions that honours us deep in our Soul and honour the light in our Heart.

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