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Monday, April 29, 2013

To Get Rid of the Ego, I Watch Myself Fall Right on Through the Fire and Into the My Soul!

I find the concept in this article interesting, and though it may have been written for a specific person or group, it has benefits for everyone....

 What I read for a Capricorn this AM and my process below The Akashic Blueprint: Expressed through the archetypal principle of the Sphinx ~ The Desert: Sacred Archetypal Element of Fire

 You are in a fiery process of death, rebirth, and transformation. Spend some time sitting before an open fire or in the sunlight. Light some candles, especially in the dark days of winter. As you meditate on the desert and fire, consider what no longer serves you and offer it to the fire.

Ask the fire to embrace and guide you safely through your transformation. In the desert, we are surrounded by sand and a fiery red sky, with sun pouring down on the ground and wavy energy rising into the air.

This is not a mirage, but rather another dimension-the domain of fire. Many mystics have quested for answers to life's deepest questions in that place of aridity, fire, and heat, for it is a place of true transformation. The energy of fire is quick; it consumes everything in its path in the blink of an eye. 

The energies of fire push us toward the death of the old and the struggle for new birth, for when we go out into the desert we realize how tenuous our hold is on life, and how easily and quickly we might perish.

Yet it is in our willingness to die to the old and leap into the fires of transformation that we surrender the outcome and the future to wisdom beyond our egoic minds and egoic designs.

"Trial by fire" speaks of the tempering quality of fire: it burns away the dross, which includes everything except the essence of what needs to be carried forth.

Out of the flaming heat, the scorching fires of transformation, true wisdom is born, rising up out of the desert pyre like a phoenix with brilliant multicolored feathers glinting in the relentless sun.

 Special Interpretation Notes: As one or more of the archetypes specifically associated with this spread are present, there is a doubling of their power. =================================================================== Interestingly, I sit in front of the fire every morning and watch the waves of heat through the window as I light candles everyday in front of me and contemplate how my life is falling away in every sense... the fall before the Phoenix rising.

I watch as everything goes away and I as quake in fear I also know that it must be so.

I have written of this before and have experienced it too... not quite to this depth or a cut so quick to the bone, but I am blessed beyond measure for I know what a battle it is... to get rid of the ego and have my Soul be true.

My strength at times has been my downfall too, and as I sit pondering it all, as I watch myself fall right on through the fire... and into the my Soul!

And so I shiver and shake as I watch and wonder in anticipation... what is to come next!!

 Author: By Federico Caprotta You can read more of his writings and comments on https://www.facebook.com/HowToMakeYourselfLookAndFeelBetter?ref=hl or go to his site at "become spiritually awake" on the web

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