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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Piece of Me: Reaching for the Sky

I was sitting on the curb with Goober who was crying from the excruciating pain in her leg. She leaned against my shoulder as I tried to console her. As we sat, she cried for her mom. She ached; she wanted her mom, but her mom was with my mom, and they had been drinking all night. So we sat together on the curb watching our siblings ride their bicycles against the gentle summer wind. We watched as they freed their hands from the handlebars and reached toward the sky. They were carefree. Their smiles were infectious. Goober tried to smile. I smiled. Their energy was contagious. It was powerful. For one moment, Goober had forgotten the pain from the tumor in her leg and smiled. This unspoken energy moved all of us to forget the negative pains we were feeling shortly before the bicyclers reached toward the sky with joy.
We pass unspoken thoughts and feelings to others. Let this simple act of child play lead you toward that positive energy. Stand under the big blue sky or the big gray sky, and reach toward it and smile. I just bet you will make someone else smile too. If that doesn't happen, realize the joy simply reaching up gave you. If you are daring, ride your bike and raise your hands from the handlebars, looking up and reaching toward the sky as the wind blows in your smiling face. If you feel less adventurous, just keep your hands on the handlebars, look up for a second, and smile.
Exercise: Really Look at the World
Today, I want you to go outside. First, go out for an early morning walk. Notice the dew on the grass, and feel the coolness from the night. Notice the quiet, free from traffic and noise. Hear the birds singing and the sprinklers going as they water the lawns. When you arrive home, get yourself a warm cup of coffee or tea. Sit outside; enjoy the quiet, the solitude. Close your eyes for just a few minutes; then open them. Notice how much greener the grass is, how much more vibrant the flowers are. Notice how much clearer you hear the sounds of nature. Look around you. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Embrace the moment. In the evening, venture outside. Look up and see the vast universe and the stars in the sky. Smell nature and all its fragrances. Smile, lift your arms up high, and say a quiet prayer of thanks.

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