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Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to reinforce a positive attitude

After a speech one day, Zig Ziglar was approached by someone in the audience who said:
"Zig, it was a great speech, but...motivation doesn't last."

Zig said, "Bathing doesn't either. That's why I recommend it daily!"

Like me, Zig loves quotes and believes that the right quote can provide "a-ha" moments and can help to reinforce a positive attitude. Here's what he said:

"Reading has been my fuel for motivation. If the "a-ha" I get when I'm reading is not already reduced into one or two sentences, I'll take the essence of what I've read and chunk it into easily remembered bites of information. That information is what becomes "quotable." You would not sit still for me to read every book I've ever read to you. But if you're the least bit like me, you'll jump at the chance to bypass all the churning and scoop the cream right off the top - that is what quotes are...the cream of our learning."

Sixty Minutes said, "He's a legend in the industry. He's the Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison of enthusiasm." What we love about Zig, however, is his heart. His ability to help people realize their potential is unsurpassed and his belief that, "You can have everything you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want," has been the foundation of all he's accomplished.

Inspiration 365, is a beautiful, 160 page, coffee table book that will be a perpetual source of inspiration for years to come. It's a collection of 365 quotes (each day of the year) from Zig himself, and many others that have motivated him over the years.

To read 20 of Zig's favorite quotes, and to watch his beautiful 3 minute inspirational movie, just click here.

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