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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Success Cycle

More from Lora at The Coach Approach - this time on Tom Ferry
Tom's Success Cycle

Step Number One: FEEL GOOD. That's right. FEEL GOOD.

There are three components of FEEL GOOD.

They are

(1) self-talk- notice what you are saying to yourself;

(2) focus - focus is determined by the questions you are asking yourself in your self-talk; and

(3) physiology - use your body to get into an empowered state.

Step Number Two: What follows from Step #1 is an "Extraordinary Attitude." When you have a great attitude, you have a more positive impact on other people. Need help getting into an extraordinary attitude? Here are a few tips, use your physiology and/or ask yourself these three questions:

What do I absolutely love about my life?
What am I grateful for?
Who can I serve today?

Step Number Three: From attitude comes inspired action. Inspired action is different from just being in action. Notice if you have a pattern that is supporting you or stopping you. Create positive energy in your environment with your extraordinary attitude. Vision and values plus patterns and work ethic = success.

Step Number Four: Finally, all three steps lead to Extraordinary Results which put you right back to "FEEL GOOD."

So that's the success cycle and as a working mom, I just have to add that in our planning session on Friday morning I captured a great nugget and I want to pass it on because I know so many of you are working parents. I am planning on it making a difference in my own success going forward. And here it is, so simple and so brilliant:

"Create a morning routine that empowers you." Your morning sets the tone of your whole day. If you begin in a funk or chaos or in victim mode because of circumstances, it is hard to expect a lot of your day. Tom encourages us to establish a routine which for him includes exercise, journaling, setting intentions for the day, rewriting our goals and the things we are grateful for and putting our body into an empowered state.

Now that is simple and a tall order at that same time. I can't wait to try it.

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